Here's what some of our clients have to say about our services.

  • "Having Tania is like travelling first class. Once you’ve experienced her it’s very hard to go back! Sometimes you just need someone to pick up the slack or carry the load and you need someone intelligent, efficient and professional which she is. She is essentially my stunt double!  I am not in a position employ someone full time so Tania's hourly rate is perfect for me as I control the frequency which moves with my busy and quieter times.  I actually prefer no-one else knows about her so please don’t tell!"


    Nici Schueler, Founder SSEW

  • "Tania Tulen is more than a right hand. She is a trusted partner in solving your life’s daily problems. No job is too big or too small for her - she manages everything with grace, creativity, energy, precision, and lots of humour. I cannot imagine my life in Singapore without her, and I can honestly say I trust her to do everything for me. I have become 100% incompetent because Tania is 100% competent! Tania can handle anything - whether it requires technical skill, creative out of the box thinking or standing firm with vendors and fighting for your rights, she can tackle it. If you need a smart partner in tackling daily life, someone who probably does everything you need done better than you do it yourself, then Tania Tulen is your person. I highly endorse her and the etc Personal Management services."


    Senior Partner of Asset Management Company, Singapore

  • "I called on Tania for assistance when I was drowning in paperwork and it felt like things were out of control as my new business was experiencing growing pains. It was such a pleasure to sit down with her, explain what needed to be done and to have someone calmly take up the tasks at hand, complete them thoroughly and systematically and relieve me of some of my stress. Having the space which was created by Tania afforded me the time to take care of the things I needed to do. I found Tania to be thorough, intuitive, logical and resourceful and I will definitely call on the services of her and etc. in the future."


    Bronwynn Ford, Africology

  • "Having worked with a number of fantastic full time executive assistants, I was skeptical about the level of detail and organisation an external party could provide on a part-time basis. Tania and her team not only made me feel like they were part of the company, they seamlessly took on my routine, events and daily admin duties with ease. I recommend their service wholeheartedly for anyone looking to feel in control of their schedule and travel without having to waste the time transferring knowledge or making their own arrangements. "


    VP and GM of Tech Company

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